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Beauty and the Beast Costume Rental Included

Below is a comprehensive listing of all the costumes and accessories included with each Beauty and the Beast costumes rental package. If it is not listed then it is likely *not* included in the rental.

Costume Rental

    Principle Costumes

    • Belle: size 8/10/12 - Opening dress, petticoat, cape, library dress, ball gown, overdress for ball gown.
    • Beast: size large - Tail, Head with horns & wig, fur pieces for body, body pad, poet shirt, poet shirt, knickers, medallion, formal jacket, transformation costume, wedding knickers with shirt, vest & coat, boot toppers, gloves.
    • Ms. Potts: size 14/16/18 - Tea pot, hat, tights, human dress.
    • Chip: size child - Hat with collar, human pant, jacket, shirt.
    • Lumier: size mens large - Coat, shirt, pant, vest, arm pieces, hear piece and human coat.
    • Madame La Grande Bouche: size 12/14/16 - Character costume, Headpiece/wig, Human version dress
    • Cogsworth: size mens large - Character costume, Shirt, pant, hat, human version.
    • Babette: size 10/12/14 - Character feather duster costume, hat, Human costume.
    • Gaston: size mens large - Pant, Body pad, Shirt, Short Cape, Second shirt, Gauntlet gloves.
    • La Fu: size mens medium - Long coat, Vest, Shirt, Pant.
    • Young Price: size mens medium - Shirt, Pant, Boot topper, Crown.
    • Enchantress: size 10/12/14 - Gown, Cape with hood.
    • Beast Double: size mens large - Same as beast.
    • Maurice: size mens extra large - Pant, Shirt, Vest, apron, cape.

    • Ensemble Costumes

    • Women [5]: sizes 2 @ 8/10 2 @ 12/14 1 @ 14/16 - Peasant dress, Petticoat, Asst hats, cape, be our guest basic body suit, napkin skirt add-on, wedding dress with hoop skirt.
    • Men [5]: sizes 2@ 36/38 2 @40/42 1 @ 44/46 - Pant, Shirt, Vest or jacket, Cape, Asst hats, Wedding pant, Shirt, Vest, Coat or cape, Be our guest basic Silverware add on.

    • Accessories, shoes, undergarments

      None that unless listed above.

Costume Renderings

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