Legally Blonde Economy Set Rental - A brilliantly compact set

Fourth Wall Scenic offers a brilliantly compact and representative Legally Blonde rental set perfect for smaller theatres and schools alike. Designed to be representative but a full-sized feel, this set boasts all of the scenes from the original Broadway production but in a smaller more compact package. To find out more about the set details, and to see how it would fit best on your stage, scroll down and find out more.

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Legally Blonde Economy Set

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This Legally Blonde Economy set rental, by Fourth Wall Scenic was acquired in 2017 and is designed for schools and regional theatres with a smaller stage. The design of the set is more representational than the main set meaning it can fit on smaller stages. This set does not require a fly system. The Legally Blonde set rental requires only one 53' semi truck to ship which saves renters money over comparable two truck sets.

Fourth Wall Scenic's Economy Legally Blonde set is designed now available for rental.

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Fourth Wall Scenic was created to fill a void in the rental and sales market. The company has been designed to focus on serving regional theatres and educational institutions alike and at a price they can afford. By providing high quality Broadway rental scenery, costume rentals, projection rentals and drop rentals as well as Pre-designed set plans and custom scenery, Fourth Wall Scenic is helping organizations present higher quality productions than ever before.

The staff members of Fourth Wall Scenic have many years of experience in the theatre industry having worked on a number of Broadway shows and everything in between. It is our goal to provide amazing scenery, projection, drop and costume rental options for all organizations.