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Hairspray Set Rental Included

Below is a comprehensive listing of the set pieces, drops, and props included in each set rental package. If it is not listed then it is likey *not* included in the rental.

Economy Set

    Included Set

    • Tracy's Bed flat on wagon - Opposite side is outside of Turnblad brownstone.
    • Turnblad living room on wagon - Har de Har hut on opposite side.
    • 2 multi-level platform wagons -
    • 2 gym/Corny Collins wall sections on wagons -
    • Corny Collins show sign on wagon - album shelf on opposite side
    • Hefty Hideaway storefront flat - with rigging hardware to fly
    • Motormouth Maybelle's record shop flat - with rigging hardware to fly
    • Jail cell bar pieces -
    • Tracy's jail cell on wagon -
    • Large hairspray can on platform cart -
    • Miss Hairspray vote sign on casters -

    • Included Props

    • Mini Hairspray can

    • Included Furniture

    • 1-Penny's bed on casters

    • Included Set Dressing

    • None

Premium Set

  • Not Available