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Hunchback Set Rental Included

Below is a comprehensive listing of the set pieces, drops, and props included in the set rental package. If it is not listed then it is likely *not* included in the rental.

    Premium Set

    • Bell Tower Unit Set - Multilevel unit set up to 40' wide, up to 20' tall and 20'+ feet deep.
    • 5x Bells - 5 fiberglass bells of varying sizes.
    • 2x Pew Fencing - Topsy Turvy
    • Stained Glass Window - Rose Window
    • Pagent Wagon for Feast of Fools -curtain mounted on top of wagon with ribbons to be hooked to the set
    • Funeral pire - This is to burn Esmeralda. Pire sits on the pagent wagon.

    • Props

    • The Cauldron -
    • The Stake -
    • -

    • Set Dressing & Furniture

      Below are the *only* set dressing and furniture items to come with the set. Window treatments, table cloths, etc unless listed, are not included.

    • 2x tressel tables and benches - For tavern scene
    • 4x prayer kneeler railings - These represent the cathedral doors during the battle and along with the walls of the jail in act two.
    • gypsy tapestry drops - to cover parts of the main set for the court of miracles