Set Management

Have you ever thought about renting out all those sets you have sitting in storage and taking up space? Maybe you have not done it yet due to time constraints, the difficulty of starting a rental operation or not being sure how to even begin.

Or, perhaps you're one of the few theatres who has rented your sets to others before. Renting sets is harder than it would seem. After finding a renter, the set owner must now prepare the shipment, arrange trucking and get a crew to load the sets onto trucks. Upon return, the set must be unloaded, re-inspected and maintenance and touch ups frequently performed. Profits made from the actual rental can be very quickly be eaten up with all of these other ancillary costs.

Fourth Wall Scenic's Scenery Management program allows theatres to make money renting their sets but without needing to do anything. Fourth Wall acts as the rental agent by storing, maintaining, insuring and most importantly - RENTing the sets for the owning theatre. The resulting profits are then split.

What goes into set managment?

Fourth Wall Scenic Set Management

What does Fourth Wall Scenic do when managing a set?


Fourth Wall Scenic handles all of the advertising logistics and costs for all sets managed.


Fourth Wall does all of the sales work necessary to convert potential renters into revenue clients.


Fourth Wall Scenic warehouses and insures managed set along with its own rental inventory.


Rental sets require maintenance due to ware and tear. Fourth Wall's trained scenic team maintained and repairs managed sets.


Fourth Wall scenic coordinates all transportation logistics necessary to get managed set to the renters using their own trucking network.

Sit back, collect profits

Fourth Wall Scenic's staff builds the websites, makes all the calls, handles all the clients and logistics. All the owner of the set does is collect the profits.

Scenery Management

Through Fourth Wall Scenic's scenery management program theatres can now make money from scenery sitting in storage. Fourth Wall will act as a rental agent by storing, maintaining, insuring and most importantly - RENTing the sets for the theatre. The resulting profits are split. Click here to learn more or see the complete listing of all managed scenery below.

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Into the Woods

20' tall trees, enchanted forests and a beautiful tower are all a part of this Into the Woods set rental.

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Timeless - Cats Broadway set rentals.

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This Spamalot set is designed for medium stages in regional theatres and high schools.

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An economy set perfect for small to medium theatres.

What the Critics Say...

..."and the set looks great, especially the stained-glass-heavy pieces depicting the church..”

Sister Act John Staton, Star News Online

"The huge sets...looked very impressive on the massive Warner stage..."

Addams Family Christopher Peterson, Onstage Blog

“The colorful beautiful set....”

Mary Poppins Tony Annicone, Theatre Mirror

Current Special Discounts

From time to time Fourth Wall Scenic offers discounted rates on certain sets, drops or costumes. These discounts are offered to help forth wall fill scheduling holes. For example, there might be a month in between the closing of one production of Shrek and the opening of the next. A last minute discount might be offered in order to a renter who's production falls in that month. Any potential discounts are always last minute and can not be predicted. Below you will find any current discounts:

Winter 2017

Contact us to find out about special savings on our Mary Poppins costume rental for the dates above.

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Fall 2017

Contact us to find out about special savings on our Beauty and the Beast set rental for the dates above.

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October/ November 2017

Contact us to find out about special savings on our Sister Act set rental for the dates above.

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