Fourth Wall Scenic Rentals

Fourth Wall Scenic can custom fabricate any set or prop idea from scratch. From trade shows to industrials to Broadway theatre sets, Fourth Wall is a full service shop with the knowledge and ability to design build and fabricate any type of need from start to finish.

Fourth Wall Scenic's custom set fabrications fall into two categories - full service and straight fabrication. With full service, Fourth Wall will design and build the scenery all in house. Frequent and detailed discussed with the director(s), producers and creative team will help hone the exact needs of the show. Digital renderings will be produced for approval and then on to the build! Fourth Wall also offers a straight fabrication service where a client's designer submits their design and Fourth Wall builds it.

Aluminum, steel, wood, cloth, Fourth Wall Scenic can work with any material to bring any idea to life.

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What the Critics Say...

..."and the set looks great, especially the stained-glass-heavy pieces depicting the church..”

Sister Act John Staton, Star News Online

"The huge sets...looked very impressive on the massive Warner stage..."

Addams Family Christopher Peterson, Onstage Blog

“The colorful beautiful set....”

Mary Poppins Tony Annicone, Theatre Mirror

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